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I Am Not All About That Bass: Deconstructing The Summer's Feel-Good, Body-Positive Hit


Over the weekend, I heard the song “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor for the first time. It’s catchy as hell and hooked me pretty quickly. When I got home later that day, I looked the song up and was pretty surprised by what I found. However, given our society, I should not be surprised that Meghan Trainor is an average sized (some might even call her thin) white woman. The song is being lauded as a “body positive summer anthem,” but is full of problematic themes.

Thankfully, the internet is the internet and there are a few think-pieces emerging. I could try to write some of my personal thoughts about it, but I found an article that so perfectly sums up all of my thoughts (and then some!), so why bother? Jenny Trout hits everything: body acceptance, heteronormativity, and race. Do yourself a favor and read this article. I apologize in advance if you watch the music video and get the song stuck in your head. That’s what happened to me.

P.S.I also found a weird article that suggests this song is skinny-shaming? Is that a thing? I don’t think that’s a thing.

So I know I’m gonna get bitchy anions or messages for this, but who gives a fuck? I was legit talking with my friends about this whole song and the backlash on it over the weekend, and I think it’s so fucking ridiculous. It actually kind of pisses me off when people jump on her and say that she’s not big enough to promote body positivity in music and that she’s “average sized” because in the media, she’s not, in the eye of media she’s considered a bigger girl, the only reason you can say otherwise is because she shot that down right away making a song about being bigger. Being that I’ve had self confidence issues with my body pretty much all my life, I think it’s amazing that she can take the negative views on her shape in the media and throw it back at them by making money on a hit song about it. Furthermore, moving onto the tirelessly argued “skinny bitches” line….OH NO! SHE CALLED ALL SKINNY GIRLS BITCHES. Let me take a second to ask a question here…how many times have you heard a bigger girl being negatively referred to as a “fat bitch?” and laugh about it? In this time, we all know that the word “bitch” is not always used as offensive, for example, “these are my bitches” or “look at those sexy bitches”, and although it may not be the nicest way to refer to someone, it is a way people tend to. Another thing I’d like to touch on is the part where they talk about the “boys like a little more booty to hold at night” as to saying men like girls with meat on them as opposed to a skinny girl…this annoys me because in what reality in current day is the skinny girl the lonely one and the bigger girl with the man? It’s rare to find that, even in most movies the outcast is skinny as well. My point is, the point of the song was to make girls who feel self conscious about their bodies feel pretty and attractive, but some people just LOVE controversy and will find anything to bitch about. Instead of saying “OHEMGEE SHE’S ATTACKING SKINNY PEOPLE”, listen to the song and realize the point of it, skinny, plus sized, average, you’re still beautiful…some people just need more reminding than others.

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im about to start working as a grader and one of the rules is to not give a 69 on a test. my directions say to look at it again to see where i can give partial credit or take points away because a 68 or 70 would be fine. this is incredible

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